Premium Durable High Leg safety Boot.

Key features

  • Brown Dakar leather upper with Support System
  • High temperature outsole 300 C
  • Steel toe
  • Steel midsole

4-12 UK

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The European Safety Standard EN ISO 20345:2004 or EN345-1:1992 marking stamped on safety footwear provides:

  • A level of performance in terms of comfort and strength defined by the harmonised standard
  • The presence of a protective toe cap which can withstand an impact of 200 joules on the toe, with a residual height of 14mm min size (for a size 42)
  • A compression test of 15kN (c.a. 1.5t) with a residual height as per above.
  • Additional protection as marked on the footwear and corresponding to the following table:

Standards codes and their features, of this product:


  • Puncture Resistant sole up to 11KN
  • Antistatic
  • 200 J toe cap & compression of 15KN
  • Energy absorption in heel area
  • Water resistant upper materials for 60 mins

Heat Resistant Outsole – withstands 300C for up to 60 seconds

Heat Insulating – up to 150C

Grisport use only the best Italian premium leathers to ensure strength, breathability, comfort and quality.

The full Steel Midsole prevents foot puncture from nails and other sharp objects. Provides added protection for your foot at all times.